Best Website Builder 2020 – 10 Reasons Why Elementor is Still the #1


Last year I published an article explaining which, in my opinion, was the best website builder in 2019. The award went to Elementor.

I decided to do the same thing this year, and guess what: Elementor is still the #1.
In this article, I’ll list the 10 reasons why you should still choose Elementor to create websites, landing pages, and funnels.

In case you’re not using Elementor, you can start using the free version here.

What’s a website builder?

A website builder is a tool that allows you to create webpages even if you don’t know anything about HTML or CSS.

You may think these tools are just for people who aren’t experts in coding or designing. It’s not like that.

I’ve been a web designer for most of my life, and even if I learned how to create websites from scratch, I use Elementor to build my pages. 


Well this leads to reason #1.

#1 Simplicity

Even a baby could develop a website with Elementor. The drag&drog system is the most intuitive and responsive I’ve seen so far.

And if you don’t know anything about design, you can pick one of the Elementor templates, and create a page in a minute.

I’ve been using it for years, and I still have the same fun I had in the first days.

#2 Integration with WordPress

Elementor is a plugin for WordPress, so it’s totally integrated with all the content you have on the platform. I remember how painful it was to style a blog in WordPress before Elementor showed up. 

Right now, I can create a template for my blog, moving areas around and adding new ones. 

#3 Integration with plenty of plugins

Elementor’s popularity pushed many companies to create plugins that can improve and expand Elementor functionalities.

If you don’t know which plugins to get for Elementor, you can download here a list of the best 5 FREE addons. 

The 5 Best FREE Plugins for Elementor

#4 It gets better and better

I will never thank the Elementor development team enough. The tool is already perfect as it is, and anyway, these guys keep making it better and better.

They come up with new features almost every week. The last ones I enjoyed incredibly were the possibility of adding multi-step forms to the page, and the integration for Lottie animations.

#5 There is an element for everything you want to do

Whatever you want to add inside your page, you have an element for it. Buttons, social icons, testimonial boxes, price tables, carousels… You name it. 

Sometimes I have the impression that they’re reading my mind, and it’s pretty scary…

#6 Speed

Unlike other website builders, Elementor creates pages that are really fast to load. And as I said earlier, they’re constantly working on making the Elementor engine faster and faster.

#7 Price

The cheaper Elementor plan for a single domain, costs only $49 per year. This price is absolutely nothing for what you get back.

If you want to create multiple websites instead, I suggest you go with the Pro version, which is $199. Still, having the possibility to build all the websites you want at this cost is ridiculous.

#8 Support

If you have any problems or questions, Elementor’s support will get back to you super-fast. I’ve never had a bad experience interacting with the support team, even when the problem was complicated and required back and forth messages.

#9 The Community around Elementor

Elementor’s community has regular meetings worldwide, events, and the Facebook Group is a great place to find collaborations and help. It’s probably the best community I’ve ever seen around a web app.

#10 It’s been around for a while

Last but not least. New website builders pop up almost daily, and they all seem great. Their problem is that they don’t have the experience Elementor has. 

Elementor was created almost 5 years ago. Over the years, the system has been improved continuously, fixing bugs and problems. This is a reliable system; it’s not a brand new software.


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