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If you ask any successful entrepreneur what the main reason that helped their business grow and thrive was, they will all answer the same way: “I asked for help from a mentor.”

I totally agree with this statement, and I wish I had known it when I started.
If you take your business seriously, you should be honest and realise that you cannot figure out success by yourself.

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I have helped companies, entrepreneurs and online enthusiasts to grow their businesses, gain more exposure across the web, and increase conversions and sales.

After I’ve learned about my client’s wishes and goals, I develop a detailed program to achieve the goal, monitor the progress and adjust the strategy.

Responsive Websites

Responsive Websites

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy


Traffic Increase

Email Marketing

Email List Building

Growing Online Sales

Growing Online Sales

Web And Email Funnels

Web And Email Funnels

Every business survives just if its user base keeps growing and thriving. That’s why I’m focused on lead acquisition, nurturing the list and transforming followers into loyal customers.

My client results are my results, and I can assure you, I’ll do everything in my power to make your business succeed.

My collaboration system is based on direct and constant communication with my clients, analysis of results and continuous adaptation of the strategy to reach our goals.

All the marketing plans I provide to my clients have precise deadlines and achievements.

Here’s how I can help you:

Step 1

30 Minute FREE Skype Call

The first step is a 30 minutes free call to talk about your business and figure out if we’re a good fit to work together. I’ll ask about your niche, your strategies to date, and understand where you’d like your business to be in the future.

Step 2

Personalised Plan

Based on the information I collected on the call, and on the following research I’ve made around your niche, I’ll create a personalised plan for you.
The schedule of tasks will aim at weekly and monthly goals to reach. I’ll challenge you with entirely new ways of achieving targets.

Step 3

Review the Strategy

We’ll regularly be in contact via phone and chat while you follow the daily strategy I’ve created.
We’ll test, review, re-think until you’re getting the results you want (and more).

Step 4

Perpetual Growth

Growing and adapting to new opportunities is a never-ending journey, and how far you want to go is up to you. You can decide how long we keep working together.

Why should you work with me?​

  • You’re getting access to vast amounts of experience – I’ve helped grow companies and entrepreneurs and have implemented thousands of individual campaigns.
  • I take personally every project I work for, and I give my 100% to have success and results.
  • I'm relentless. I keep going until I achieve my goal and beyond that. I'm the best partner you can find.
  • I've achieved more than once what you're looking for, and hiring a mentor is the best decision you can take for your business.


Let’s talk first and see if we can work together –
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