Alessandro Di Ruscio
Digital Nomad

Nice to meet you. I'm

Di Ruscio

I’m an ex 9-to-5 graphic designer who has decided to become his own boss.

I educate and guide consultants, mentors, coaches and content creators in the fine art of finding private and remote clients.

With our current possibilities, becoming a digital nomad and building an online business is way easier than in the past. My job is to show you how to do it in order to feel more professionally fulfilled, create more profit, and foster more freedom. 

Why work with me

Why do you need help to quit your full-time job and become a successful online entrepreneur? Because it can be tough doing it by yourself.

My story is similar to that of many entrepreneurs. I was cornered in a cubicle 9-to-5 life, and all I dreamt was freedom and build something that was completely mine.
So I conjured up an idea: find remote clients and become a proper digital nomad.

I hustled hard to bring this idea to life, until the point that I almost ended up homeless. Twice.
Finding private and remote clients is definitely easier than in the past, but the vast majority of wannabe freelancers fail in the attempt.

Learn from someone who already achieved your goal is the best way to avoid pitfalls and succeed faster.

What I can teach you

Where I came from...

Corporate Web Designer
I used to work as a web designer in London and although my job wasn't too bad, I found myself longing for more independence and adventure. Traveling, spending time with my loved ones, and working on projects that truly ignited my passion became so important to me.
First Freelance attempt
Sick and tired of my full-time routine, I decided to quit my job and become a freelancer. I started collaborating with a part-time client who paid me enough to have a decent living, and I could spend the rest of my time working on my online business. I lived the dream.
Early 2016
Crash and burn
My only client decided to quit our collaboration, and I ended up without a job, without a client, and with my savings drained to build my online business.
Early 2016
Late 2016
Back to 9 to 5
Desperate and depressed, I did the only thing I could do not to end up homeless. I found the first full-time job available, and I went back straight into the rat race.
Late 2016
Freelance again
My intolerance for full-time jobs didn't take long to appear again. But this time, I decided to play the freelance deal better.
Digital Nomad
I've been working as a web designer with global companies worldwide, creating websites, funnels, and social media assets.
Escape 9-to-5 Coach
I taught more than 100 students how to consistently find private and remote, become their own Boss, and regain their personal and financial freedom.

Doubts about hiring a coach?

If you ask any successful entrepreneur what’s the most important thing they did to grow and thrive, they will all answer the same: “I’ve hired a mentor.”

It’s been the same for me. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered it way too late. It would have spared me months of struggle and misery.
It’s funny how we consider hiring a personal trainer to lose weight or building muscles, but we hardly think about doing the same with our business situation.

Learning from someone who already reached the goal we have is the best and fastest way to achieve it.

I have years of experience as a digital nomad. I learned how to find private and remote clients for my business, and now I’m teaching what I know to other entrepreneurs.

My methods and techniques work for every industry. But if you’re skeptical, let’s have a call and figure out if we’re a good match for each other.

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