My Journey to 1000 Subs on Youtube – The 5 Methods I Used to Succeed


I thought it was impossible, but I made it! 1000 subscribers on YouTube.
Apart from showing off with you in here, I decided to write this article where I’ll list the 5 most important things I’ve done that helped me to reach this mark.

And funny to say, but they are different from the things I listed in the article I published when I reached 100 subscribers.
If you haven’t read it, go back, cause the advice there will build your YouTube Channel foundations.

In this article instead, I’ll talk about the techniques that made me scale my audience.
So, how the hell did I reach 1000 subscribers?

Let me address an important thing. It took me around 3 months to reach 100 subscribers. It was slow and painful!
Publishing my first videos was like being in a cinema when there’s a Terence Malick movie. You don’t know who Terence Malik is. Exactly!

I published a video and… zero viewers the first day.
Zero viewers the second day…
If you’re there, you know how it feels.

YouTube is watching you

The truth is that YouTube is testing you. It wants to see if you keep publishing and be consistent even if no one is watching.
When YouTube will have that proof, and I can tell you that it happens after 6 or 7 months, then your videos will start to have some traction on searches.

At the moment I get 100 new subscriptions each month, but if you check Channels with an audience of 500.000 or more, they receive 100 subs per day.

Back to my list, here are the 5 most important things that made me reach 1000 subscribers.

#1 – Improve your popular videos

Consistency is indeed an excellent quality to grow your Youtube Channel, but it’s also true that you should keep an eye on your old videos.
I have a couple of videos that are getting plenty of attention, God knows why. I edited them adding cards, links to my other videos in the descriptions, and an end screen in case there wasn’t one.

Use these videos as a bridge to drive traffic to your “unpopular” ones. If viewers are binge-watching your videos, YouTube will take it into account.

#2 – Use your new videos as a bridge

The same concept should be applied to your new videos. Don’t forget to add cards, links, end screens in every new upload. Your goal is to make viewers watch as many videos as possible from your channel.
If one of your videos is getting lots of views, create similar ones and then link them together.

If you start driving traffic between videos, you’ll see a massive improvement in your daily views.

#3 – Join an Online Community (or more than one)

As I said at the beginning, growing a YouTube Channel isn’t easy at all. There will be times when your motivation will drop.
It’s human. We can’t be driven all the time.

That’s why a community with like-minded people can make all the difference. When you’re losing hope, and you need some support, these are the people who can help you keep doing what you’re doing.

I’ve joined a couple of Facebook Groups about YouTube Creators, and they’re a daily dose of inspiration and encouragement!

#4 – Focus on Promotion

You don’t need to publish 10 videos per month in order to grow your subscriber list quickly. I’ve been posting 1 video per week for months, and it worked amazingly.

What’s important is promoting, promoting, promoting.
Invest 20-30 minutes per day scanning your communities, and reply to questions using your videos.

I have another article where I explain exactly how to get free traffic out of Facebook.

#5 – Don’t stop being a student

It doesn’t matter how famous is your channel. You should never stop to study other creators and pick ideas that you can implement in your videos.

I watch at least one new video per day, and I do it with an open mind. I’ve been picking many good ideas from other channels, and I’ll pick new ones in the months to come.
If you want to grow on YouTube, you need to treat it like any other skill that you improve with time.

Question of the day

What’s your channel niche?

Reply in the comments and as usual, ask any question you may have on this topic.


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