How to Create an Online Course in 2019


Online Courses are the way to go in 2019 for online passive income.

If you follow my channel, you already know I suggest investing your time in building an online course. But what are the steps to create one?

How to find the topic

The first problem to solve is to determine a topic.
That is a huge stumbling block, similar to a blank page for a writer.

If you have an audience or an email list, ask your subscribers!
Send them a message and ask what their biggest struggle in your niche is. If you don’t have a list, there’s no problem at all.

The Internet has been created to break barriers between people. That means that everyone one has a potential audience.
Find a forum, or a Facebook group regarding your niche, and ask there what’s the biggest problem among the users.

Gather all the answers, and build a course around one or more issues raised.

Modules and Lessons

Once you have your topic, it’s time to divide it into modules and lessons. Every online course is meant to solve a problem, and the solution pass through fulfilling different steps.

That’s precisely what I’m doing with this article.
These are the challenges I covered so far:

  • Find a topic
  • Reach an audience
  • Create modules and lessons

Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and write down all the different stages needed to achieve the meaning of your online course.

Be aware that every lesson needs to be length-friendly for your users.
If your units are too long, they will seem too daunting. A good measure is to keep them below 10 minutes.

How long your course should be

Many could be afraid that their content isn’t enough to cover an online course.

The fact that many courses are 2, 3 or more hours long, doesn’t mean that you can’t create mini-courses!
In case of a short course, all you need to do is simply drop the price.
There will be a chance in future to merge all your mini-courses in a single course.

Other two fears that block from creating courses are

  • a lach of technical skill
  • a lack of customers

Lack of Technical Skills

About the former issue, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to create online courses.
The web is full of tools that are stupid-proof and allow anyone to create learning spaces in a matter of few hours.

If you don’t know which tool to use, I have a document that you can download with a list of the 5 best course platforms on the web.

Lack of Customers

Regarding finding customers, I suggest you give your course away for free at the beginning.

Join a forum or a Facebook group, and share your FREE course there.
What you need in the beginning are a good user base and testimonials.
You will transform your free course into a paid one in the future.

Create a Facebook Group connected to the online course. Since your course is free, it won’t be difficult to raise a numerous and active Facebook Group.

What about you? Have you already created an online course? If not, what stopped you from doing it?
Reply in the comments.


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