How to Build a Large Email List For Free


Building an email list is one of the most important things for every business. But how to build a large email list without spending anything in ads or similar methods?

In this video, I’ll tell you how I’ve grown my email list to 10k subscribers for FREE.

If you have an online business, or you’re building one, there is a north star you should continuously follow: build an email list.

Everything you do in your business should point to that goal.


Cause the majority of people won’t buy from you or hire you unless they trust you. You can have the best product or service of the world, but if people don’t know you, they will never become customers or clients.

Your email list is one of the best channels to create trust with your audience. Many of my followers become clients after staying on my email list for months.

Grow your Email List

But how can you make subscribers join your email list?

The best way is to give something in exchange for the user’s email address.

This concept applies to every channel: blogs, YouTube Channels, and e-commerces. Whatever is your platform, consider creating premium content that can be achieved just by joining the email list.

On almost every video on my channel, I have a content upgrade that can be obtained from getting on my email list.

What’s a content upgrade?

A content upgrade is a specific piece of bonus content matched with the topic of a particular article/video.

Spoiler alert, there’s a content upgrade below in this article too.

Your content upgrade could be in any format you want. The important thing is that it will follow the 2 rules below: 

1) It’s specific 

If your content upgrade requires a long time to be fully consumed (a 200 pages pdf, or a 30 video course), users will never finish it. 

Free stuff is catching, but then it will be consumed absentmindedly.

Instead, you want users to focus on every piece of information, in order to create trust with the author. This is possible just with a short, specific content upgrade.

2) It’s a no-brainer

Spend valuable time thinking about what piece of content would be the best match with your article/video.

What would be a no-brainer to download? 

If your content upgrade follows these two rules, you’ll specifically know what product to offer to the people who downloaded it.

This is why your email list is your most powerful asset. It allows you to create trust and target the right people with the right product or service.

Landing Pages that convert

The second part of the strategy is creating a landing page that converts.

Not every visitor of the content upgrade’s landing page will decide to type her email address.

We need to understand for what reason she didn’t go through, and how to fix this problem on the page.

If you don’t know how to create a Landing Page, I suggest you to use Elementor. Elementor has plenty of high-converting templates created by designers.

At the moment I’m posting this article, Elementor is running a 20% discount on the Expert Plan. Click here to see if you’re still in time. 

If instead, you want to create a landing page from scratch, without using an Elementor template, I’ve created an illustration that shows you how to create the perfect landing page. You can download it below.

A/B test all your landing pages

One big mistake many people do is not to A/B test different landing pages.

A/B testing is a technique that compares two versions of a webpage or app against each other to determine which one performs better.

You should use this technique for every new page you build.

If you want to know which items you should tweak to run an A/B test between pages, I created a list of 5 areas. 
You can download it below.


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