How to Get Clients for Social Media Marketing


Even if Facebook Ads and Chatbots are a hot marketing topic, why is so difficult to get clients and convince prospects selling these services?
And how can we find clients that could be interested in social media marketing?

In this article, I’ll explain how I started creating and selling ads and chatbots for an average of 6 clients per month. Let’s get started.

The Intuition

Living in London, my mailbox is always full of flyers. Restaurants, shops, bars… Every business in my area uses flyers to promote their product and offer discounts.

One day, while I was throwing away the usual amount of leaflets, I had an intuition. All those people were spending a lot of money sending pieces of paper around, and the majority of those flyers ended up in the garbage.
Were these businesses using Facebook Ads as well?

So I jumped on my computer, and I start searching for their Facebook pages. I wanted to figure out if they were promoting ads for discounts and coupon codes.
The first time I’ve done this was 3 years ago, so finding ads for a particular page wasn’t a piece of cake.
Nowadays we can know immediately if a page is running ads or not. You just need to visit the page and click on the link “Info and Ads”.

The Message

So, back at the time, I did my research, and in the end, I came up with a list of businesses that weren’t using any ads. I reached each one of them with an email saying more or less this:

Dear company, I’ve just received your flyer, and I was wondering if you’re using Facebook ads.

The reason I write to you is that I’m an online marketer and I manage Facebook campaigns for several businesses. Through my long experience, I came to the conclusion that you can get a lot more results with an online ad campaign than with old-school advertisement. Not to mention that online promotion guarantees a lower cost, and the possibility to retarget visitors and customers of your shop.

If you want, I can create an ad for you, like the one I’ve attached. The ad is connected to an automated set of messages in the Facebook chat and ultimately, leads to the coupon code.

If you want to try, we can collaborate for the first month spending $200, and if you like the result, my fee will be $500 from the 2nd month.”

All you need is a mock of the ad, personalised to the client and attach it to the mail. If you want to get fancy, you can append the chatbot flow that leads to the voucher.

The result

In my first attempt to search for clients, I got 5 businesses that replied yes to my proposal. 2 of them that decided to continue after the 1st month, raising my fee to $500.

Counting that I spend $50 per month in ads, my profit is $150 in the first month and $450 from the second one.

In my strategy, Facebook Ads and Chatbots were what in online marketing is called “tripwires”. A tripwire is a low priced offer that’s sole purpose is to convert an audience into customers. The aim is to sell afterwards expensive products.

And this is precisely what I’ve done with the 5 businesses that decided to start working with me.
I showed them an upsell in line with the tripwire.

If you want to see what I proposed them, read the article clicking on the banner below.

Different Offers

But this system works pretty well on its own. Till the ad and the chatbot give results to your client, you won’t have to spend time for improvement.

Not to mention that you can use this strategy to sell other services.
I created a document with the 3 emails I sent promoting different services.

The first proposal is about a Coupon ad, similar to what I wrote in this article. The second is about creating a facebook page and Instagram profile. The third one is about posting regular content for a business’ Facebook Page.

Download the doc and feel free to edit, copy and paste, and do whatever you want with these emails, in order to find clients.

If you put your head in this strategy, I assure you’ll get more than one client in a matter of weeks.

Before closing, I have a question for you.
What stopped you so far from selling facebook ads and chatbots to clients, even if they’re so popular now?
Reply below, and I will read all your comments. See you there!


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