Here’s Why Your Online Courses Don’t Sell – Fix it in 2 moves


Are you having a hard time selling your online courses?
Or are you maybe afraid that your online courses don’t sell when they’ll be ready?

Here’s what happened during my first launch. 

I planned to do a live webinar, open the enrolment for my course at the end, and then send a 7-day follow-up email series to everyone who signed up.

I followed religiously what I learned from experts.

First, I validated my idea. I made sure that there were potential customers for my online course. 

After I had the proof that there was a request for it, I promoted my webinar. 

I got around 100 people signing up for my webinar using Facebook Ads, and then I went live with my webinar.

At the end of it, when I open the enrolment for my course, no one bought.

I add the same result at the end of my 7-day email sequence. Not a single sale.

This is way far from all the success stories you get online, right?

All the stories I heard in podcasts, interviews, videos, were about launches that produced 6-figure profit, and I was simply not ready for a failure like that.

My second launch

But I’m a persistent guy, so I launched a second time. This time I’ve added a pre-launch email series in order to warm up my audience before the webinar.

At the end of the entire launch, just a person bought my program, and I made $297.

Sure, better than my first launch, but what about all the money I invested in ads, not to mention the time I spent organizing everything?

I started doubting the system. Did launches actually work? Did all these online gurus con me?

I looked for an answer in my launch analytics, and I discovered 2 interesting things.

  1. There wasn’t enough traffic to my webinar landing page. I needed more people to join my funnel.
  2. Almost everyone who visited my online course landing page, got on the checkout page. Why did they decide not to buy at the end?

Why your followers don’t buy

Let’s start from #2. Why did all those visitors visit the checkout page and then close it? Was the price too high? 

That didn’t make sense, cause the price for my course was everywhere on the landing page, even on the button linked to the checkout page. No, it wasn’t the price. 

It had to be something about the checkout page.

In my previous life I was a UX designer, and I was aware my checkout page had a horrible user experience. The design was ugly, the version on mobile wasn’t that responsive…

If It was bad. However I didn’t think this could make people run away.

So I did an experiment. I decided to get a tool to design better checkout pages, and see if my results could improve. 

That’s when I found out about Samcart.

In addition of creating visually appealing checkout pages, Samcart makes your checkout pages be usable on every device

The great thing about it, is that you can choose among a list of highly converting checkout templates. You don’t have to build anything from scratch, cause these templates are built and tested to maximize conversions.

I started using one of their templates, and I got a 26% increase in sales in my following launch. 

But this isn’t the only reason to join Samcart. Do you remember the first problem I had in my Checkout page? Not enough traffic to my landing page.

I had that fixed through Smart too.

How to send more traffic to your pages if your online courses don’t sell enough

Samcart isn’t just a checkout builder, but it’s as well an affiliate marketing tool.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, I suggest you read this other article on my blog. 

I discarded affiliate marketing for my own courses for too long. Then, since Samcart gave me this possibility, I decided to create my small team of affiliates. 

I reached out to marketers on Facebook, and I’ve asked them if they wanted to promote my program and get 50% on each commission.

If your product is valuable, you’ll be surprised by how many people will accept your offer.

This was when my business got on the next level. 

Because of my affiliates, I passed from having 60 people registered for my webinar to 600.

It was a sudden boost of traffic I could never have by myself.

At the moment, I have around 30 people who promote my launches. And this is all thanks to Samcart.

Each of my affiliates has a dashboard on Samcart, where they can see stats, affiliate links, and swipe emails.

If you’re postponing creating your affiliate team, and your online courses don’t sell enough, I strongly suggest you to change your mind. It was one of the best ideas I’ve embraced to get more sales for my online courses.


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