5 Reasons Why You Should Create Online Courses in 2019


Online Courses are the way to go in 2019 to generate Online Passive Income.

In this article, I’ll give you 5 reasons why you should start creating your online courses this year.

1) Passive Income

I was trapped in a terrible 9-to-5 job. I had no passion for what I was doing, and the salary was average. And I didn’t have time to spend with my friends and family or just travelling.

Online Courses were my red pill. They showed me that there is another way to create financial stability even if you’re not working for someone else.

After I published my first course, I saw that there were people interested in what I had to teach and they would pay for it.

If you’ve read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” from Robert Kiyosaki, I can honestly tell you that producing online courses is one of the best way to get off the Rat Race.

2) Everyone is a teacher

I’ve heard hundreds of time the objection “I don’t know what to teach”.

There is for sure something you can do better than many other people!
If you have a hobby, a passion, or you simply get asked for help in a specific thing, that’s your niche.

3) Online Courses always have an audience

The Internet is about fixing problems. How many time did you ask Google a “how to” question?

The first step to create a course is asking yourself “What problem do I want to fix?”

If you have an email list, ask them. If you don’t have one, get on a Facebook group or a Forum and ask the users there.

The answers you will get, they are all course topics you can use.

4) Online Courses are quick to create

What’s the main reason why people don’t even start building courses? Cause you need a looot of time to create all the content!

But who said that online courses need to be hours long?!

You can create a minicourse of 30 minutes that fix a specific problem. You just need to drop the price.

When you have more than one mini-course, you can merge them and create a bigger course with a higher price

5) It’s damn easy

Right now, 2019, creating a course is stupid-proof. There are countless tools out there that make the process super simple.

One suggestion I always give is to purchase an annual subscription with one of those tools, way before you wrote your course.

Why? Cause the fact that you spent money on an annual subscription, will motivate you to create your course as quick as you can, not to waste your money!

Regarding this, I created a document where I listed the 5 best online tools to build your online course.

Choose the one you like the most from the list, and sign up right away. Putting your back at the wall is the best way to get work done!

And what about you? What’s the reason you haven’t still created an online course?

Write it in the comments.
I’ll see you there.


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