Why 2021 is the best year to become a digital nomad


I know what you’re thinking. Digital nomad in 2021? With all the coronavirus situation?
Yes, regardless of covid, a zombie apocalypse, or God knows what, 2021 is still the best year to work remotely.

I decided to quit my full-time job around 5 years ago. At the time, I wanted to become a web design freelancer and work with remote clients. My goal was to get my freedom back, being able to work from everywhere, and discover if this “digital nomad” legend was actually a reality or not.

I started looking for remote jobs on recruiting websites, and I realized that there weren’t many positions. Plus, the competition to get these jobs was absolutely crazy. 

The possibility to get one of those jobs, was the same as winning the lottery. 

So I changed my approach slightly: instead of websites for remote positions, I started searching for regular placements on websites like Linkedin, Totaljobs, Indeed… and for each application, I added the contractual condition to work remotely.

Imagine these recruiters receiving hundreds and hundreds of applications from amazing candidates, and among them, there’s me giving contractual conditions.

Obviously, they didn’t even come back to me.

I couldn’t blame them. Why choosing me when they have all the other guys eager to work on-site? 

It was tough, mainly cause it was difficult for clients to trust working with someone they’ve never met in person.

The silver lining of coronavirus

This leads us to 2021. If we have to find a silver lining in the pandemic, I would say that it made remote work the new standard.

More and more companies discovered that collaborating at a distance isn’t the end of the world. In many cases, this makes employees happier about their job.

In the next years, looking for a remote job will be 10 times easier than in the past. I suggest you be ready for it.

Your online identity will soon become crucial to make a prospect hire you or not. 

Before making any decisions, your clients will search for information about you online. Suppose an employee would have checked just your Linkedin profile in the past. He will now check other social profiles like Facebook or Instagram. He will also check if you have a blog, a Youtube channel, or a podcast.

I can tell you that many clients decided to work with me after visiting my YouTube Channel. 

All these platforms can be used in place of your CV, and you should start looking at them as tools to get a job.

Why becoming a digital nomad in 2021?

And if you think that becoming a digital nomad doesn’t make sense anymore because of the pandemic, working remotely doesn’t just mean traveling more. It means flexible use of your time, earning more money, and working with different clients, and on more exciting projects.

And if you’re bored of the 9 to 5 routine, you don’t even need all these other reasons.

If you want my help to find remote clients and embrace the digital nomad lifestyle, watch my online training called “How to get private clients in 30 days”. You can join the online training here.

Otherwise, if you want to talk directly with me, schedule a free call with me.


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